Success Breeds Success

After my first 6min on 11% oxygen session.

After my first 6min on 11% oxygen session.

I increased and maximised my training by attending the New Zealand Altitude Training Centre with a free 45min session. In this time I received information about how to better my training with less impact on my body all whilst saving time. I’m sure I speak for most who have young children and who balance with work and training – time is always greatly received when someone shows you how to take more of it!

You really do gain a level of trust in those with whom you train. I immediately saw the passion and commitment Walter Thorburn at the New Zealand Altitude Training Centre has with his clients. Walter is a true believer in supporting one’s strengths, whilst encouraging you to push through any areas in need of development – a great approach to push you to the limits and achieve big things.

As mentioned in a previous blog my levels of oxygen were set to 14%, which would equate to approximately 3000 meters above sea level. Within just six sessions I was fit enough to run at 12.3% oxygen, which would equate to approximately 4000 meters. Now, with just six weeks to go before I depart – I have achieved running with just 11% oxygen at a positive 8.0 gradient at speed 8.0. I began running 4 minutes on and 1 min off. Now 6 minutes on and 1 min off I can honestly say that it’s the most rewarding workout however at times I have had to dig very deep to push beyond my personal walls. The last two minutes before a rest feels like eternity! To push through the tough times I have a few mantras that I mentally repeat, “It’s only two minutes Mel” and “Wait until you feel the achievement of completing this”.

Doing this intense training has brought my running speed and endurance up so quickly that I’ve even noticed incredible improvements to the strength in my long distance Sunday run. My usual time for this 22km run was around 2hrs10min. I can now complete it in 1-hour 45min, reaching under 5min/Km.

The honest truth is that deep down I was once very nervous about participating in the Everest Marathon.  I can absolutely 100% say that those nerves have now left me and have been replaced with absolute faith that I will achieve what I have set out to achieve. The greatest motivator for success – is success itself.

The lovely Lesley Turner Hall AKA LTH after her Iron Man 2015

The lovely Lesley Turner Hall AKA LTH after her Iron Man 2015

We are all influenced by those around us. I’ve received some very heart warming messages from those who’ve read my blog and through that I’ve also been able to follow some wonderful athletes on their own personal journeys to success. Their sheer dedication and strength gives me fuels to carry on and the inspirational stories of those around me continue to affirm my strong belief that we are all capable of achieving greatness if that is the path we choose to follow. Lesley Turner (who is a beautiful athlete) is one of these people. She has that sheer determination I have referred to and is an absolute machine on foot, in water and on bike. I will be lucky enough to be on this Everest Journey with this amazing woman.

I cannot wait to meet the others who have also embarked on this journey and find out their personal stories of success, as well as sharing in the experience of conquering this awesome feat. I also can’t wait to share this inspiration with others in the hope that it may help someone out to take the first big step towards achieving their own personal greatness. Believe me – I’m doing it now and it feels incredible.


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