Universe on my side

In Nan's last days with us.

Nan & I

My brother and I lost our Nan 18 months ago and she was very much like a second mother to us. As my brother and I grew up Nan would always welcome us with loving hugs, tea, Plasticine, the movie Jaws and Jam toast at 9pm at night dripping in butter.

Nan was always an inspiration, not only to me but also to all those around her. On reflection this was mostly due to her determination and stress free caring nature. She taught me to be compassionate and above all else never give up on myself.

My brother & I visiting Nan at her home.

Nan, JP & I

When I originally looked at my itinerary for the Everest Marathon I never did pick up on the dates along the way – just when I was to arrive and depart. It didn’t even dawn on me that the very date I run the event of a lifetime – The Everest Marathon – would be on my Nan’s birthday. I do believe everything happens for a reason in your life and this is no exception.

It’s amazing where one can find inspiration in life and unfortunately it can come off the back of bad news. Once such example was when I recently found out that a very dear friend (who was once very close to my heart) had been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 30.

My friend Rick and I

One of my inspirations

His amazing story has really given me inspiration to make the very most of this life. He lives to send a message to all he knows and meets about the incredible journey he has embarked on since he has found out his cancer was terminal, in the hope that they may learn from his experience and avoid the need to travel the same difficult path.

He had originally only been given until May 2015, a month for me, which above all other months this year was looking to be the hardest.

May – a month where two special people from two very important parts of my life have something in common. They’ve inspired a girl. A 31-year-old, full time working mother of two who will needs more than physical strength to conquer the event of a life time. They’ve inspired me!

Be empowered by those around you. Notice the struggles that they endure and embrace the life and the time that you have. Take it in your grasp and make something of it. Don’t watch life pass you by and wonder “what if?”  Live it and wonder “what next?”


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