The journey of life

In just a moment’s notice – life can change. In just one act of Mother Nature a whole nation can suffer. With one quick decision it can change the direction of your entire life.

Decisions are made not only by choice but also by influence. I’ve recently had to make a big decision that has definitely changed my life’s direction. This decision has been influenced heavily by the 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake that struck Nepal on the 25th April 2015.

Thousands have lost their lives to this destructive act of Mother Nature and the continuous after shocks.  An Avalanche and landslides at the Everest Base Camp and surrounding villages have been just part of the aftermath of this powerful and shallow Earthquake. It really brings to light how this home of ours we call Earth can both cradle and destroy the lives that we build upon it.

Nepal photo

Hundreds of thousands of people have now been left homeless and without food and continuous efforts from organisations all around the world are coming together to provide aid for those in need. So many have yet to be reached causing even further losses of life.

Even while there is such devastating chaos at this place that has found a special place in my heart I am left with my own personal struggle. It’s hard to believe that in just two short weeks I was actually destined to be in the very place that this occurred and that very fact has put a heartbreaking decision in my path. My instant reaction when seeing this on the news was to still go but all the while I’ve never felt so mortal.

My kit all organised for the Everest Marathon 2015

My kit all organised for the Everest Marathon 2015

Thoughts and feelings erupt in the form of an emotional roller coaster and begin to question ones reasons for the decision to want to continue. The balancing act of self-assessment has once again begun.

The biggest question was, “what if I become injured?” Will this only bring a greater burden to a place with already so much devastation? It was when my six-year-old daughter asked her mummy not to go at the same time as reading another competitors message to the world that the final stages of my decision were made. After a tumultuous period of indecision my heart finally settled & my inner voice was saying to let the people of Nepal grieve and have the time they need to get back to some form of normality before such a big event.

Instead my choice will be to direct all of my energy and passion to the people of Nepal by supporting those in need and continuing in my efforts to raise money for those who have been widowed as well as to the Himalayan Trust to assist with the rebuild.

Aria at her school mufti day to support Nepal over $500 raised.

Aria (left) and friend at her school mufti day to support Nepal over $500 raised.

My decision to raise money for the Widow’s came to mind when talking with a friend Mike Allsop, an Air New Zealand commercial airline pilot & adventurer who has conquered Everest all whilst raising three children with his wife Wendy. Mike informed me of a village one hour from Pangboche, which has many Widows who have lost not only their husbands but also their children and parents.

When I travel to complete the Everest Marathon in 2016 I will personally be able to deliver this money to the village. It’s amazing to consider that only $130NZD would help keep just one widow alive for roughly a year. As we all know, in our modern society that is barley half a power bill or a pair of shoes. It’s certainly puts things into perspective and may come to mind the next time you turn on the heater or try on those new heels!

Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up I chose to keep my head held high, cherish every moment I have with my daughters and my family, to be grateful for everything good I have in my life and to do all I can for those in need in Nepal. This has given me an ever-stronger resolve to continue my training & take on the Everest Marathon in 2016.

The face of determination to train another year.

The face of determination to train another year.

I could not of come to this conclusion without the support from my friends, family and colleagues. This is certainly not over – in fact; I’ve only just begun. I encourage everyone who reads this to look at filling life with the things that make you feel alive and happy. Fulfill your dreams and give of yourself to others.

I invite you to join in this journey with me.

To donate to assist with the rebuild in Nepal click the below link:

To donate to assist with supporting the Sherpa widows click the below link: