Money VS happiness

What does $130 mean to me? Maybe half of a winter power bill? Perhaps the weekly food shop (on a really good week!) Definitely less than a week of day care. What does it mean to you? A new pair of dress shoes, dinner out somewhere nice or your monthly gym membership fee? We all value money differently but rarely do we look to those less fortunate and consider the impact that money would have on their lives.

To a Pangboche Widow who has potentially lost her spouse and children to the dangerous job of being a Shepard (or ‘Sherpa’) $130 means one more year alive.

A Widows prayer

A Widows prayer

Each of us is born into the life that has been handed down to us. I know that. I also now that you and I cannot go out and save the world on our own. That said I also realise perhaps now more than ever that if each of us find the courage & selflessness to put our own lives aside for just a moment that together we will make a world of difference.

My journey next year to make a difference in someone’s life will begin the day after I run the worlds highest marathon from Everest Base Camp to Namche Bazar. Where the other competitors have been given a half a day of rest, I will be spending this time trekking back over the marathon course to Pangboche Village. On my arrival at the village I will hand deliver all of the money raised to each of the nine women who live there. I will then return to my group and will need to start moving with them straight away to trek another large part of the day on our return to Lukla Airport.

Namche Bazar to Pangboche Village

Namche Bazar to Pangboche Village

I hear stories all the time of random acts of kindness and just love watching the images of people capturing these moments on camera. Each of us has this motivation inside us, driving us to be the best we can be. Some need to awaken this and what better way than to support what you truly believe in and are inspired by.

I’m inspired by the people of Nepal because no matter how poor or underprivileged they may be, they still are some of the happiest people alive! What does this prove to the rest of us? To all of those out there working day in day out in search of the big bucks? Once we reach the end of the rainbow and can finally say that we have the latest and greatest of everything do we find true happiness?

A Nepalese women rich with happiness

A Nepalese women rich with happiness

I know this much – I’m certainly not rich and in my own life I do struggle from time to time but from the good that I do for others, like supporting Pangboche Village or helping the Himalayan Trust raise money for Nepal – my life is enriched in the knowledge that my actions (big & small) are helping those less fortunate.

Before I depart next year to conquer the event of a lifetime one of my primary goals is to raise both awareness and money to assist the Nepalese. If you wish to awaken that motivation to help another by taking part in these events then please see the details below. Spread the word and lets make a difference together!

Nepal Rebuild Fundraiser Dinner – Everest Dine Restaurant, Parnell

Tuesday 8th September at 6:30pm for $45 pp which includes a drink, entrees, mains and dessert platter.

Please email for payment instructions.

(All profits go to the Himalayan Trust who are helping rebuild Nepal)

Pangboche Widow Movie Fundraiser – Private screening of the new movie ‘Everest’

Monday 5th October at 6pm (movie commences at 6:30pm) for $25pp which includes the chance to win some amazing prizes.

Please email for payment instructions.

(All profits go direct to the nine widows whom live in Pangboche Village)


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