Train with me….

Recently a few of my friends and people I met through training have said how keen they are to join me on my next run or try out Altitude Training.  So I’ve come up with an idea which means anyone with any ability can join me in my training up until the Everest Marathon Event or even for future events I participate in.


If anyone has been to an event before the social aspect of these days and culture you become a part of is addictive.  With this in mind this can be open to anyone, friends of friends, family and people wanting to challenge themselves.  Most of all create a fun way to train for both you and me.  Everyone needs a Forest Gump team behind them!

First thing I know most of you will be saying is “oh god I’m not fit enough to train with her”, “I have to get fit first”, “I don’t want people to see how un-fit I am”.

Well the short answer is….IT’S FOR ANY ABILITY AND ANY SHAPE!  I have a month set out in advance and if you want to join any of this then it can be done.  I will be setting event dates up on my Facebook page – Motivation Endurance Learning.  Simply click on the ‘More’ tab and then click ‘events’ and away you go! (Click here now to view)

Simply click on an event that you like and join in.  Below are a couple of options that it will include for the month of February:

Ceri riding his way to better health

Ceri riding his way to better health

Altitude Training at the NZ Altitude Training Centre near Panmure Basin.  You don’t have to be an athlete to get benefits from simulated altitude training. Altitude offers all kinds of health benefits, and training can be as easy as sitting still.  This is perfect for all abilities and fitness levels.  Thanks to the owner and operator Walter Thorburn he has given any new client a FREE first session followed by a very special rate for anyone who joins these events – Limited spaces available and bookings essential.

Tash, Ceri and I after the Hunua Massey, Cossey

Tash, Ceri and I after the Hunua Massey, Cossey

Running – There will be a varied amount of km’s that I will be doing over the month which includes shorter 8km, longer 17-21km and varied trail runs.  These date also will be set and locations given on the events set up.  FREE of charge is the benefit of this training.

Swimming – I will have the occasional swimming portion of my training at the Tepid Baths in Auckland CBD.  There is a cost involved with this but you can purchase concession cards which make it cheaper.

So please come and join me on my journey to conquer one of the hardest yet most rewarding events of my life!  I look forward to seeing some of you and having some epic fun and adventure along the way.  Share and share a-like I say too, so spread the news and pass this onto anyone you think may want to join us.



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