I will start this blog with a confession.  This is the fourth attempt at starting to write this blog and I had deleted a few lines prior to this one.  I guess the main reason is this, how on earth do you sum up all the sweat, tears, commitment, dedication, fails, injuries, km’s and the desire to complete a life changing event all in one blog!

The easy answer to this is….You simply cannot!  In fact you never know how you may be feeling on the day, when you have the chance to write this blog. when you feel so passionate about something and you want to communicate it in the best possible way, to get your message across is not always easy. So I’ve decided on the following; spill the beans, be honest and push publish!


Manukau Courier

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by my local newspaper, the Manukau Courier.  They wanted to interview me for a series of three articles.  I had hoped that the story I wanted to tell in the build up to running the Everest Marathon would not go untold.  I’ve been touched by readers response to this carefully written article by Chris Harrowell.  Confession – I wish I had breathed in a little for my photo.

3 weeks today and I will be on a plane heading to Kathmandu to start an adventure of a life time.  It feels somewhat surreal to think this is actually happening.  So much goes through your mind.  I confess, It’s become increasingly harder to say goodnight to my two wonderful children Aria and Maia or to my loving partner Ceri.  Each time thinking how much I’m going to miss them.

Of course as the km’s increase so do the risks of injury.  Once again my not so favourite issue with my ITB (Iliotibial Band)started playing up after a 30km run recently meaning a repeat visit to my very talented Physiotherapist, Trevor Montgomery.  He is an expert in Dry Needling – A process that makes you feel like a well used dart board but with epic results!  This time my appointment was so painful I do confess I did tell Trevor the following.  “Ooooouch you are not a nice person!”.  Trevor is a nice person and yes I was in pain.  Sorry for the multiple swear words Trevor I too am a nice person.  Confession again – I didn’t do my previous physio exercises so I asked for that!

Unfortunately I’ve spent a short time feeling unwell with the flu followed by a delightful bug which I had picked up from my sweet daughter.  In fact I’ve had to take multiple breaks even writing this to visit the bathroom!  All of which had put a small dampener on the training but of course didn’t stop me.  I confess that I’ve been told once or twice to slow down and may not have listened.

Training has paid off and all thanks to great coaching and advise from Walter Thorburn from the New Zealand Altitude Training Centre.  I’ve run stronger, increased my endurance and gained great confidence in being able to handle running at altitude.  Confession – He has called me a “freak of nature” and I have to agree.

Last but not least.  I’ve been blown away by all the support, love and encouragement I’ve had from so many people.  It is absolutely the driving force to succeed in what I do and it means the world to me.  So as I pack up, finalise arrangements, run a few more km’s, have a few pre travel nerves, produce a few more tears from the natural stresses in life.  I wanted to say this.  I can’t wait to knock the bastard off!

Photo credit to Chris from the Manukua Courier

Photo credit to Chris from the Manukua Courier