Above & Beyond

I arrived in Kathmandu on Friday 13th May. As my senses completely overloaded I couldn’t help but get to my room at the Hotel Tibet and just sit still. The realisation that I had made it and finally started the journey I had been planning for 3 years.

I felt a little lonely and tearful with such a big event hanging over my head. I have to admit life was made more comfortable with the glory of WiFi. Skyping my wonderful partner Ceri had eased the nerves. Being in a place you have never been before in a world so different from your own takes its toll. I had to get up and carry on so took myself off to test out this new place. The Everest Lager sure helped too.

The best thing I could have done was trust my independence and explore the surroundings.  I came across the first lovely group of Nepalese people whilst exchanging my money and soon enough found myself having a cup of Masala tea. We spoke little amounts due to limited English. I showed them photos of my girls.  They loved it and so did I.  I felt one of the Nepali family already.

The nerves began all over again with the new hotel and sharing my room with someone I was yet to meet. Who am I going to be doing this event with? What will they think when they see me? Im not exactly an athlete. I was prepared for any questions about my ability for the Everest Marathon and the answer would be “I’m here to experience Nepal, the culture, the people and to simply complete the run the best I can”.  Little did I know I was surrounded by the same people everywhere. A relief and the excitement trebbled.  Everyone’s motto – “Slow and steady wins the race”.

Next step was to meet my roomie.   We had managed to miss each other throughout the day but finally settled  the last bit of nerves at ease when I met the wonderful Jane from America.  A wonderful being who I’m so glad to be sharing this journey with.

With that all done and the nerves and worry now gone I was left inspired by the best little story from my latest book purchase ‘Reflections of Everest’. An amazing little read about some of the incredible people who have taken on the climb and their reason and messages to others. This particular one has helped me even more to build the mental foundation I will need so much so during my run on the 29th May.

Luis Benitez who summited Everest on the 25th May 2001 said.
“I started dreaming of Everest as a child when my asthma and allergies were so terrible that I had to fight to breathe at sea level.
When I first went to Everest, it was with a blind man who wanted to tell the world the same things that I believed in: that there are no boundaries except the self-imposed ones, and that the mind can push the body beyond what it thought was possible.  As we walked arm in arm to the roof of the world,  I realised that one must inspire the next generation always to push beyond those limiting boundaries.”

This trip has been the best thing as I’ve had to be very Independent as I’ve spent the last 3 days on my own. I enjoy my own company and its made me feel confident. I recommend anyone to do such a thing because doing this has made me feel even more confident in myself.

With that in mind, nothing else matters now. What will be will be and I feel that my mental strength outweighs my physical ability. I will succeed in acheiving the worlds highest marathon with 80 other foreigners and will come home to share the story. I too want to inspire just like Luis and his fellow climbing partner.


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