Life on the Kumbu Trail

One week today I’ve been in Nepal and the amount I have already seen and experienced is incredible.

The amount of respect I had for the people has always been strong but truly being here is life changing. Putting everything into perspective.


Having a soldier with our lovely guides


Proud New Zealander Melissa Fey

As I write this I’m in my room and down stairs I hear chanting from the people who live here. I’m so honored to be welcomed by the people of Nepal and they do the best at a warm welcome.

I’m happy with how my body has responded and will continue to invest in it. Hopefully it will respond well to the increase of altitude ahead of me. I’m getting very good at going on the inside of the Yak.


Yak in Khumjung Village

I have had an amazing opportunity to see what Sir Edmund Hillary has done for the people of Nepal. By being here it has really not been a surprise to why he  has done such things. What an amazing man. What a privilege it is to be a New Zealander.

From Namche to Khumjung Village and  next stop Thyangboche. Just another day closer to being able to deliver the money raised to Sherpa Widows. Another day closer to one of the hardest events I may ever participate in. But for now I’m enjoying the people, culture and scenery and of course the way this trip is making me see the way I live my life.


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