About Me?

Well I could start with some of the nicknames I’ve managed to adopt over the last few years at least.  Milly Mouse, thanks mum.  This one was to explain how quiet and good I was as a little girl.  Some would say I am making up for it now.

Who me loud?! Never ;)

Who me loud?! Never

Moo moo-iena the laughing Hyena.  This could only be explained from the past and maybe the occasional present.  I have been known as ‘the one with many laughs’.

Gypsy.  The fact that when I was in my late teens I may have moved around 13 times in just a few years covering most of Auckland’s suburbs.  Call it the OE of Auckland.

Smel. Not as in the odour but those who did spend any of the ten years I worked at Air New Zealand would know, I adopted that name from answering the phone whilst coordinating aircraft. “Op’s Mel speaking” would automatically be heard by the person on the other line as “Op’s Smell”.

Ops & load controller with Air NZ

Ops & load controller with Air NZ

Manic Mel.  It may have to do with the nature of my job. Experiencing and taking part in as many amazing Adventure Tourism activities as I can get my hands on with no hesitation and yes, even with a fear of heights! It may also be due to the crazy lengths I have gone to in order to train for past and future events and adventures.

Love my job!

Love my job!

Pocket Rocket.  Mainly to do with the fact I don’t usually stop or cannot be stopped. Some would say you hear me before you see me. Managing to balance family, work and physical training with two young girls at home – it’s all in a day’s work!

T-Rex. She may be small with short legs and even shorter arms but it won’t stop her!

Altitude training at Specforce Fitness

Altitude training at Specforce Fitness

Wonder Women.  This being one of the most recent names given to me.  I’ve adopted this one from the fact I work full time as a Tutor at the International Travel College of New Zealand with an aspiration to inspire as many young teenage students to see potential in their lives and make something of themselves. At the same time I balance being a mother to two beautiful little girls whom I only hope to inspire and influence to be the best they possibly can be. Oh, and did I forget to mention my training? Who said you can’t put each of the 24 hours to good use!

Reading with my girls and training.

Reading with my girls and training.

So who is Mel?

She is someone who is truly grateful for all of life’s experiences she has lived so far as it has made her the person she is today. It hasn’t always been this clear but behind each new chapter life has opened has been some purpose or reason.

I choose to live life to the maximum and set big goals, hoping to one day inspire those around me, especially my two beautiful little girls. It is my goal to win within myself and to be first in my race through life.

I’ve chosen to share this blog to write about these chapters in my life and share it with those around me. I am not setting out to change the world, simply to touch the lives of one or two along the way.

At the end of the day I’ve achieved my own personal win in “life’s race”.  Stop thinking about what happens in the middle just believe it, achieve it, live it!

Running a circuit to raise money for a Humanitarian Aid Leadership programme for students

Running a circuit to raise money for a Humanitarian Aid Leadership programme for students





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